What is the White Light we see when we die?

Please Read before it’s too late!!!

It is inevitable that we are ALL going to die at some point so what you are about to read could save you a million more trips back to this War torn Earth plane of Existence.

I will not go into enormous detail at this particular point but let me assure you that this information is correct and is one of the most Fundamental tools of the “Unseen Hands” for keeping Human Souls in the Physical world time and time again or as others call it “Reincarnation”.

This thing what keeps returning us to all the suffering of World Wars and Third World Famines etc, is absolutely so simple it’s been staring us in the face for Thousands of years… This Simple tool is called “The White Light”

This famous White Light is what we are “supposed” to go to when we die and is “supposed” to take us to our true home or vibration of the soul. NDEs will give us a glimpse of this and OBEs can actually enter this light.
Well let me “Enlighten” you (pardon the pun)

The White Light is nothing but an interdimensional Soul Catcher. I will guarantee you if you enter this upon death you will eventually reincarnate. Some people might want this to happen (materialistic people perhaps) but true spiritual warriors avoid this like the plague and fight against the many years and lifetimes of suffering that goes on in the Physical world.

We can all Pretend that our lives are great and life is fantastic, but deep down we all know that our loved ones will depart from us and every human soul on the planet will suffer from some kind of negative Emotion at some time in their life.

If you had a choice in the matter what would you do?

Would you come back to Planet Earth and face the harsh reality of mass control and Fear or would you choose to go back to your true place of birth “The Source” or oneness with your so called God!! I know where I will be going.

Before anyone of you condemn my posting just wait five minutes and way this theory up, after all its been virtually staring us in the face.

“What happens if you don’t go into the Light then, Do you become an earthbound spirit or trapped in purgatory or the lower Astral etc etc”

NO it is the biggest lie in History. When your time is up and eventually get to cross over (As we all forget it could happen tomorrow or in 50 years) and you’ve left the Physical body, Stop, look around, Look up there will be a blinding white light above, Look to the sides of it and there is a Golden light. The Golden light is the way to the Source and it bypasses the great void.

All the Spirits in the Afterlife are still in enslavement(albeit a less dense one) and the Astral + Spirit worlds are actually illusions of the collective consciousness of ALL matter(not just Human).Spirits STILL don’t realise they are manipulated even in other dimensions. Spirits STILL don’t realize that ALL mankind and everything else is connected. Only those at the source can be truly free.

If you think in a crackpot or in need of help please would you remember this ONE thing
The white light is designed to keep us enslaved and to be reborn again to continue the “Slave Race” of humanity. Go for Gold, End of Story. 


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