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Greek Translation of this article

READER’S QUESTION: I would like you to clarify for me if you can, what you mean by “Spiritual preparation”

The world around us is an illusion. It is a hologram displayed by our brain. He who doesn’t know the truth, is enchanted by the beauty of nature, by the creations of his fellow men, by his affections and by his hatreds. So he considers this world given and real.

But when at some time his material body dies, also the decoder brain ceases to exist.
So man having loved form, is panicked and miserable in the astral worlds by the lack of it.
He then recollects his affections, but they were simply projections of his brain.
He suffers that he cannot react to the hate that overwhelms him, the anger that drowns him, the jealousy, the nostalgia of love, the nostalgia of gluttony, of foppery and all the desires he cultivated during his physical life.
This is a horrible hell, and all the soul wants is to be given the opportunity to get into a new body to be able to live the illusion again.
But he who CONSOLIDATES the Truth, knows that everything around him, from the beauty of a landscape, to his child, to his parent, to his partner, all are images that the brain shapes. That is why Christ says:

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me” Mathew 10:37

So the most important thing to do is for him to be cut off emotionally from any material dependence, whatever that may be. He continues of course to operate normally in the world but without any emotional involvement. This is a first step.
At the same time, he starts to work with Self-Knowledge. Initially the first phase. Then he finds out what HE REALLY IS and then the Soul itself starts to pray for deliverance. Gradually he passes to the second phase, where the battle with his lower self begins.

Unfortunately this phase is very painful … because many times he may have to relent/subside when in a relationship a balance is not maintained, so that he may not bring any wrong to his fellow man.
When there is a difficult decision to be made that does not affect the two parties equally, then we prefer to bring injustice to ourselves and not our fellow man.

In our daily life, we keep balances. We do our duty in the most honest way and we employ our thinking with the most spiritual thoughts that we can.

It would be good to be able to meditate during the day (without any special ritual) or to simply think on spiritual concepts, analyzing some holy verses or some philosophical concepts.
The more “away” we are from matter, the better. It would be good our thoughts to be about the redemption of our Soul, and the return to the Holy Father’s Homelands.

I recapitulate:

-Balance in everyday life without many surges or fluctuations.

-Emotional independence from the physical form, and reduction of our desires.

-Self-knowledge and fight with our lower self.

-Spiritual (independent from any material) thoughts.

-Prayer of the Soul for deliverance from the delusion of matter, and its filling with Spirit.

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  1. St. Thomas Foma's Gravatar St. Thomas Foma
    December 3, 2017    

    This is the core reason I go to Church to meditate and focus on balance and spiritual thoughts during the Service. I love Saturday Vigil (I am Orthodox). I have little interest in material things but do not live in a cave and know that we are in a hologram but it still can hurt. Upon dying it is important to know we are not owned by the demons and we owe nothing to them and to deny being judged by them in the Astral Plane that most consider real. Most all other religions participate in the Astral Illusion. Christ was trying to tell us this is not legit. We must invoke his Work and he paid our Ransom and thus the Judgement by Astral Beings is false. This is our escape via Christ Consciousness. Living the Gospel will untangle us from the sticky web of Material and Astral Energies. Otherwise you will get recycled with memory wipe. This is actually a form of Death if you think about it. A Second Death. Horrifying if you think about it. Your life was worthless. Zip.

    • marjo's Gravatar marjo
      January 6, 2018    

      thank you

  2. John's Gravatar John
    May 9, 2018    

    I agree..Its very hard to stay “neutral” though when you have people around you that you are emotionally attached to who don’t understand the journey that you are on.

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