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Angeliki Anagnostou writes:

We are experiencing the aging of our world, the degeneration of our species…

The compass that points towards the way to Salvation is lost.

Humans, overwhelmed by their materialistic daily routines, are blindly searching for sparks of spirituality to quench their thirsty spirit. Hence, they follow illusory, artificial lights, believing they will be led to Salvation… How they are deceived… They have lost the trail… The compass, which points them towards True Light and away from false light.

Which is that compass??

The PRINCIPLES and VALUES that define a Spiritual guide.

Lack of Ego and self-promotion. The first and foremost!

If one does not discard their “Ego”, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be embodied into the Spiritual All. And if one is not attached to the Spiritual All, where are they leading their fellow people?

Propriety and politeness, the second!!

I have come across “spiritual” guides who used such vulgar language when facing disagreement and it made me wonder, how could their followers not be trouble by this…

Stoicism and Patience, the third!!!

One must know WHEN and IF they will speak, WHEN and IF they will act. One must have mastered to contain their anger and their mouth. To contain their lower self…

These days, all “spiritual” guides have turned “fighters”… However, the true opponent each of us faces is one: our own lower nature. When it is tamed, then the spiritual person DOES NOT FIGHT, because they are no longer under the influence of the dual nature of the world.

The only fighting sides are the two opposing sides of our dual, oscillating world. As long as one is part of this oscillation, they are struggling between their own opposites. When one overcomes the oscillation, they stop and cease to respond to provocation.


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