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Can You Stand The Truth? The Chronicle of Man's Imprisonment

A book with cosmological content in the form of a study, arraying (in its sum of 635 bibliographic citations which accompany its main corpus) information and excerpts from scientific research, ancient and sacred texts from every mythology, religion, philosophical viewpoints, the Christian Apocryphal Gospels, as well as metaphysical views, so as to compose the complete image of the puzzle of man’s role in the world. Furthermore, the contemporary problems of humanity and the entire planet are dealt with and fully explained.

And to close the circle of knowledge offered, many controversial issues are tackled, without reservations or in fear they might not be “convenient” to the readers…




A M A Z O N .C O M 

Presentation of the Book:
“Can you stand the Truth? The chronicle of Man’s imprisonment”

Man is not at the top of the food-chain. A vast energy-dynasty is continuously developing and expanding, as it gets nourished by the energy of positive and negative human emotions, as well as the energy produced by the pains and labors of man.

These energy-powers hold man hostage and render him a subservient instrument of their appetites, through the oblivion (amnesia) they inflict upon him as to the real purpose of his ‘life’. They thus ensure man’s eternal imprisonment for their own benefit. Nevertheless, ‘Universal Circumstances’ are changing the —up to now— status quo and force these ‘powers’ to modify their schedule, while at the same time offering man a unique opportunity for salvation.


The information brought forth by this book is like a puzzle: Only when ALL its pieces ARE PUT TOGETHER can it produce the complete picture.

If one looks at  each puzzle piece/evidence independently, reading the book incrementally ONE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERCEIVE THE COMPLETE PICTURE and will UNDOUBTEDLY get the wrong impression.

The complete picture of the TRUTH is presented as a new PERCEPTION when one COMPLETES THE ENTIRE BOOK, and is not to be found in the individual segments/elements/parts. The Truth presented in this Book, to my knowledge, has not ever before been presented in such a complete form, and this is probably why confusion is bound to arise when the book is read incrementally.

Inside the book, every view, from the most extreme to the most conventional one, is put in place like a puzzle-piece comprising the Great Picture. When the puzzle/mosaic is complete (with the end of the book) then the picture does not resemble the partial pieces but presents the entire image of our world.

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