The Creator’s order to the Souls, to create

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Hermes Trismegistus, Hermetic Texts, Vol. II ASCLEPIUS, ‘Kore Kosmou’

§17  And thus, after he (the Creator) had stood on the all-fairest station of the Aether and after he had summoned all the existing species of beings, he said:

“My Spirits and creations of my care, souls, beautiful children, you that I have created with my own hands, I place you in my own world.

Listen to my words, as if they are laws and never approach another place except for that which I have ordained with my decision. If you stand firm, then the sky will remain in its place in a similar way, as well as the appointed constellation and the thrones, full of virtue.

If however, you do anything opposite to my Will, I swear to the spirit and the mixture out of which I have created you and to my own hands which create souls, that it will not be long, before I create chains and punishments for you”.

18. After god who is my own lord had said that much, he mixed the rest of the congenial elements, that is to say water and soil and said some apocryphal and powerful words but not similar with the first ones. He mixed the elements very well, he breathed life-giving power into the mixture and using the well-painted and well-thickened crust of the mixture which floated, he created the human-like beings.

19. He gave the remainder part (residue) to the souls that had already made good. And he said to those souls that had been summoned to the lands of gods near the places of the stars and the holy demons (Celestial Men):

“My children, make creatures of my own nature; accept the remnants of my own craft and may each one of you make creatures similar to your own nature; I will also deliver these models to you” and he handed them over to them;

“My children, make creatures of my own nature; accept the remnants of my own craft and may each one of you make creatures similar to your own nature; I will also deliver these models to you” and he handed them over to them;

20. He arranged the zodiac circle in order and beauty, according to the movements of the souls, after he had placed next to the human-like beings the remainder, that is to say the animals to which he also added the cunning powers as well as the ingenious generative spirit for all that is to exist eternally.

21. And he departed promising to breathe invisible spirit and essence of common origin to each one of their visible pieces of work, so that each would be able to give birth to others similar to itself and thus they would not have to do anything else but what they had already created (programming‌/‌recording of the ‘commands’ in the ‘electronic brain’/ DNA of the animal and plant cell).

22. “So, what did the souls do, mother?”

And Isis said: “My child Horus, after they had received the blend of matter, they first tried to conceive it with their mind. They worshiped the mixture of their father and tried to find out whence it was composed.

But that was not easy to be perceived. So, they were afraid that they might provoke their father’s wrath, for they had showed this kind of curiosity and set to do what they had been commanded.

23. Thereon, using the upper part of the matter which had a superfluously light crust, they formed the race of birds; in that span of time, using the mixture which was already half hardened, they made the species of quadruped, which was the least light and the race of fish that had the need of another kind of moist substance to be able to swim in.

From the rest, which was cold and had a tendency to evil, the souls made a new species, the race of reptiles.

Genesis 2:19-20
“And whatever name (form) Adam gave to each living creature, THAT was its name.
And Adam gave names (form/shape through the Logos/Word) to all the beasts and the birds of the sky and all the animals of the field.”

Genesis (create) and name-designation are identical terms. Very often, the same thing is expressed in a bipolar/twofold way, on two different levels.

24. And those souls my son, already from now they were armed with a strange impudence, as if they had performed an act of bravery, and despite the orders, they abandoned their components and their stores and did not want to remain in the same place, because they considered that it was death to continue to stay in the same residence.” (They were henceforth starting to realize the ulterior dark aims of the Creator, feeling the danger ‘ante portas’ [closer and closer]).

25. And Hermes, speaking to me my child, said: “What the souls did, did not escape the attention of the lord and god of all, and that is why he sought for punishment and chains which the souls would endure patiently. And therefore, the sovereign and lord of all (the archon of this world) decided to artfully fabricate the human frame for the race of souls to suffer in it.»

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