Do animals have souls? What happens when they die?

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The answers to the questions are given
by Angeliki Anagnostou,
in full accordance with the worldview of the book:

Many people ask me, whether animals have souls or not, and what happens when they die.

Answer: Our world, besides the dense material (visible) plane, is comprised of multiple layers of energy, which form the immaterial dimensions.

These energy layers are the dwelling places of various living archetypal prototypes of beings.

From those energy layers, these living archetypal being-prototypes are being projected onto the physical plane as holograms and form the diversity of all of nature’s creations, from humans to the tiniest mineral.

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The higher and less dense the energy layer, from which an archetypal being is projected onto the physical plane, the more advanced and evolved it is.

However, the energy-structure of this creation is a very complicated subject, and it is impossible to analyze it in an article as thoroughly as it is analyzed in my book, for it to become clear to those who haven’t read the book yet. Therefore, I could only concisely broach certain basic concepts and, most likely, some will continue having questions.

Animals in general are a category of beings, that, in their majority, are projected onto the physical world from the energy planes that form the dimension of the astral plane.

There are, though, certain other types of animals that are projected from the etheric plane only.

Animals projected from the layers comprising the astral plane, express emotions which correspond to their individual layer, because the astral plane is home for the entire variety of emotions.

Human and animal emotions stem from the astral / sentimental body, not from the soul body.

People wrongly associate emotions with the soul. The soul has different characteristics and properties.

Corpus Hermeticum XII:
translated by Brian P. Copenhaver

Book 12, chapter 13:
“ The blessed god, the good demon, has said that soul is in body, that mind (Nous) is in soul

Plato’s Timaeus:
translated by W.R.M. Lamb. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1925

30b 4-6:
“So, because of this reflection, He (the creator) constructed reason (Nous, Mind) within soul and soul within body as He fashioned the All”

Intellect is the fundamental difference separating humans from animals, because animals are astral-etheric beings and not soul-beings.

A rudimentary “reason” (intellect) that animals appear to possess, does not stem from the mind (nous) of their supposed soul, but is integrated mainly within their genetic programming for the proper functionality of their survival instinct.

The way in which they hunt, or build their nests, or protect themselves from danger, is a genetic programming that resembles reason. That is why we observe creatures of the same species build their nests in the exact same way or use the same hunting techniques.
That which interacts with their physical brain is the instinct of fear and self-preservation, not the mind (nous) of a supposed soul.

In conclusion:

The instincts and the fear of an animal interact with their material brain and produce a behavior that is mistaken for reason.

In contrast:
The mind (nous) of the soul of a human interacts with their physical (material) brain and produces deductive reasoning.

So, animals, in their entirety are energy beings, which do not possess a soul, because the soul is a mixture of dividable energy and undividable Spirit, a very Sacred state, which animal nature is unable to host. Also, the soul is projected from the highest and more subtle energy dimensions of this creation. Spirit, on the other hand, comes from even higher planes, above and beyond all planes of energy.

Besides that, the creators of animals are not the same as the creators of humans!!!

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Animals that are projected from the energy planes of the astral planes, possess: a physical, an etheric and an astral/emotional body.

There are however animals, mainly reptiles, amphibians (except mammals) and insects, which are projected from the layers of the etheric plane (from even lower energy-planes).

These beings do not express emotions, because they do not possess an astral body. They only possess a physical and an etheric body, the latter being the source of survival and fear instincts.

Indeed! Fear and survival instincts do not stem from the emotional (astral) body but are manifestations of the etheric body.
The same applies to plants, which are also projected from the etheric regions.

All species of physical animals are animated through a collective unconscious, linked to the central animated astroetheric archetypal being of the corresponding energy layer.

This manner of animating (life provision to) animals can be compared to the one-and-only electric lamp (which resembles the one archetypal prototype being) from which hundreds of fiber optics are illuminated. These fiber-optics resemble the many different individuals of the same animal species which are incarnated in the physical plane.

Hence, from one species of astro-etheric archetypal being, millions of individuals of the same animal species are projected and animated into the physical plane.

What happens when animals die?

At first, let’s examine animals that are projected from the astral planes.

After their death, their energy (after their etheric body is dissolved) is absorbed by the overall universal energy and their animal identity returns and is embodied into to the source of the CENTRAL astral archetypal animal.

In the case of animals that are projected from the layers that belong to the etheric planes, as these beings possess only a physical and an etheric body, after their physical death, their etheric body and animal identity are immediately reintegrated to the etheric archetypal being. This is why certain insects possess the ability to jump back and forth between the etheric and physical plane, in a manner that is almost “magical” … Try observing that!

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