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Self-awareness tips: Spiritual levels

The “ego” ceases to exist when man comes in contact with the True. Then he devalues the false and his “ego” remains apat [...]

The Truth confronted with our beliefs’ wall

In order to protect his beliefs, man builds a wall around him and only recognizes what exists inside these walls.

What is Discernment?

Absence of discernment breeds exaggeration, fanaticism, guilty silence, cowardice, slowness of spirit, obsession, sterile and non-fruitful life. [...]

Our greatest enemy is our egotistic self

The factions/clans of our daemons are classified inside the multilevel aspects of our positive and negative Egos. They are two sides of the same [...]


Self-knowledge is not an occasional pursuit, but a way of life. The struggle against our lower nature is a hard everyday practice.

The mirror of our self

Jiddu Krishnamurti: “There is a mirror in which you can see yourself. Not your face, but everything you are thinking”

The Mask of the “good person” and its numerous “Faces”

One of the masks that we put on in our earthly life is the mask of the “good person”, the worthy fighter, of the admirable!
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