The soul’s projection and incarnations through spacetime

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The following article is based on the worldview of the book:
Can you stand the Truth?
The chronicle of Man’s imprisonment
Angeliki Anagnostou writes

As physicists have concluded, the entire universe, as well as the human body itself, is a hologram. Namely, a projection.

Even though this may seem unfathomable to many, it is being constantly confirmed by new scientific evidence.

Some may wonder how we are able to touch a body if this body is actually a hologram.
Let’s take into consideration, though, that present day scientists have managed to create a hologram that we may not only just see, but also touch.
And if human technology managed to create a touchable hologram, is it not safe to assume that the hyper-technology the entire universe was created with, has been able to create holograms that we can touch, smell, taste and hear?

Considering this fact of the holographic universe and since the image of the world that we see -including our own body- is a projection, we may conclude that the prototype object, which is projected as a hologram, exists ELSEWHERE.

Regarding the human being, this prototype is the soul. Specifically, each soul is projected onto the entire range of spacetime, thus creating the various incarnations.


A hologram is created by superimposing a secondary wavefront (a beam of light), normally called the reference beam, on the wavefront of interest (another beam of light), which is called the object beam, thereby generating an interference pattern which is recorded on a physical medium and contains all the information of the original object.

To put it simply:

To create a hologram, we need a prototype object, a luminous source and a flat, light-sensitive surface.

When the prototype object is illuminated by the luminous source (e.g., a laser-beam) then from the same source, two light beams hit the light-sensitive film.

Those two light beams – the object beam and the reference beam- interact on the flat surface and create a pattern of luminous and dark lines, which are then recorded onto the light-sensitive surface as the holographic image.

Now, if we attempt to compare these three elements to the projection of the human being, the correlation is the following:

• The Soul is the prototype object.
• The Luminous source is the light of the creator (of this world) and
• The flat, light-sensitive surface is the brane of spacetime.

This brings to mind the image of Plato’s Cave, where the fire burning in the cave can be compared to the light source — in the case of a common hologram — as well as the light of the demiurge (the creator of this world), in the case of the holographic universe.

The objects passing behind the backs of the prisoners in the cave are the prototype objects. As they are illuminated by the light source or the light emitted by the fire of the demiurge, they are projected onto the wall of the cave, which corresponds to:

• Either the light-sensitive flat surface in the case of the simple hologram,
• Or the flat brane of spacetime in the case of our universe.
Because, in principle, the process of projecting a hologram is the same as projecting the entire material world.

As we know, our universe is based on duality.
Duality is also the basis of holography.
Additionally, the interference pattern (= the total of luminous and dark lines recorded on the light-sensitive medium that comprise a hologram) is equivalent to the “light – no light” state that defines the entire material creation.
This is mainly due to the way the human brain functions, rather than the actual reality that surrounds us.

Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram claims that our brain acts as a hologram translator that decodes a holographic universe.
Brain neurons, in order to function as electrical components, maintain a difference in electric potential across the membrane of the cell (called trans-membrane potential).
This transmitted signal received by the human brain from the external incoming stimuli, is correspondent to the pattern “all or nothing”, or else “light – no light”.
This corresponds exactly to the “current – no current” binary operating mechanism of computers (101011010).


As we’ve already mentioned, to project the human soul, the flat light-sensitive surface which receives the two light beams (namely the demiurge’s duality), is equivalent to spacetime.

At this point, we must point out, that the concept of spacetime cannot be visualized. It can only be described with the help of mathematical equations, as the entire visible world around us does not correspond to the actual reality, which is almost impossible for the human mind to perceive.

We perceive something completely different from the actual reality.

Hence, the theoretical physics professor at the University of Aix – Marseille, Italian Carlo Rovelli, gave his book the title “Reality is not what it seems”.

Therefore, the visualization we will be presenting here is only by approximation.

Spacetime is described as a two – dimensional surface.

In reality, this two-dimensional surface is perceived by our senses as four dimensional, because we perceive the three dimensions of space (length, width and height), along with the fourth dimension of time.

However, all the above are actually just a two-dimensional surface, like a sheet of paper.

This is why astrophysicist Edwin A. Abbott, in his book “FLATLAND”, wonders how we, the two-dimensional citizens of flatland, could precisely define events that take place in multi-dimensional spheres!!

And Carlo Rovelli writes:
“This distinction, as we perceive it, between past and future does not actually exist. It is merely produced by of our “blurred” perception of reality.”

Let’s examine now this complicated concept of time:
In theoretical physics, there isn’t just one, but …two theories regarding time:

1) The theory of relativity and
2) Quantum Mechanics.

Both these theories are based on different perceptions of time.


In the General Relativity Theory, there is a Beginning and an End of time.

That, however, exists only inside of a black hole, where the end of time comes when all nuclear fuel-reserves of a black hole are exhausted.

We need to highlight at this point, that more and more scientists raise their voices stating that our universe is, in fact, located at the very bottom of a gigantic black hole (point singularity), which belongs in another, higher dimension.

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In my book, I describe how this Hyperuniverse (e.g., that higher dimension) is, in reality, the real place of origin of Spiritual Man.
Here we can give reason to the verse from the Gospel of Judas, where Christ talks about the end of time and says:
Gospel of Judas :

“Truly I say to you, for all of them (the Archons of this world), the stars bring matters to completion. When Saklas completes the span of time assigned for him […] and they will finish what they said they would do. Then […] they all will be destroyed along with their creatures.”

…This is therefore going to be, the period of the end of time…
According to the general relativity theory, what human physiology perceives as matter, is in fact, the curvature of the three dimensions of space (length, width, height) towards the fourth dimension of time. Namely, the three dimensions of space curve into a well, whose depth is time.

Precisely in this curvature of space towards time, lies the root of gravity. This view is accepted by the proponents of general relativity.


In contrast, quantum theory perceives time as something more fluid in nature, allowing the possibility of transition from the past to the future and vise-versa.

Time on a quantum-level can move in both directions. From the past to the future and the from future to the past.

Physicists are attempting to connect these two theories – general relativity and quantum theory – and present a complete view upon the mystery of time, as both these theories provide solutions to a great deal of problems.

It is my personal belief that the truth lies in the fusion of these two theories.

On a metaphysical level, both theories help in the justification and interpretation of numerous metaphysical mysteries, regarding the projection of the soul onto the spacetime-continuum, even the concept of karma.


So, we have a prototype, which is the soul, which is located outside spacetime, in a different dimension, and we also have a flat spacetime brane, onto which the soul prototype is projected and forms the material man.

Let’s return, for a better understanding, to the previous image of space folding towards time into a deep well, which shows us – by approximation – a visualization of multiple spatial frames that resemble sheets of paper, stacked one on top of one another in relation to time.

Saint Augustine, a great Christian thinker, described time as the sum of all forms assumed by every animate and inanimate creation.

This is exactly what it is!

And of course (for humans at least) this is not only limited to the part of spacetime that our mind is able to perceive – the part that we experience in this current incarnation – but to the entire spectrum of spacetime and every human incarnation ever.

Scientists present the idea of time by visualizing seconds as thin “layers”, placed one next to the other. To put it more vividly, they are just like the frames of a motion picture film.

Human sensory organs perceive only the 1/24th of a second.

That would be the equivalent of only one of 24 such “layers” of a second, which we call the present, or “now”.

As I have written in my book, we are acrobats walking on the tight rope of now, since the past is lost, and the future doesn’t yet exist.

This, however, is not real. This restriction is applied to us by our own limited perception of time.

If then it is so difficult for the human perception to include, experience and live all frames of a lifetime simultaneously, we can imagine how impossible it is for us to experience all frames of all incarnations of our soul at the same time.

This is where quantum perception of time fits in, to clarify to us that everything exists in the “now”. Right here, right now is where and when we experience all our incarnations simultaneously.

Fred Hoyle said that “what was in the past and what will be in the future, is already in the present.”

One will then wonder, how is it possible for all overlapping holographic projections of a prototype (soul) of all consecutive incarnations to occur onto the spacetime film?

If we transfer the paradigm of the frame of a second and define that each layer or time frame is not equivalent to the 1/24th of a second, but to an entire incarnation or lifetime, then we would be able to visualize a series of overlapping flat platforms, each corresponding to the certain time span of a single incarnation/lifetime.

Moreover, if we use the image of the “well” described earlier, where the three dimensions of space are curved into time as its depth, then the image we get is that of multiple overlapping sheets of space that sink into a well, in relation to time.

Scientists characterize the visible universe as a brane that is incorporated into a larger energy universe, like a piece of seaweed floating on the surface of the ocean.

This sheet of brane (characterized as the visible universe) creates, in relation to time, multiple such overlapping sheets, one parallel to the other, like the pages of a book.


Now, let’s take a look at what is happening outside the brane of spacetime (this piece of seaweed), in this wider ocean of energy that surrounds us.

As I have already described in my book, as well as in various broadcasts and articles, man consists of seven bodies. Even though most people haven’t yet activated all seven bodies, a large number of men possess at least five of them:

1. The physical body

2. The etheric body

3. The astral body

4. The lower mental body

5. The soul

6. The Higher Mental Body

7. Pure Spirit

Each of these bodies lies in the corresponding energy plane (within the ocean of energy) except the two superior ones (the Higher Mental and Pure Spirit), which are not part of the energy planes, but of spiritual planes beyond the energy world.

We must clarify at this point, that: ENERGY and SPIRIT are two completely different states!

This ocean of energy we speak of, is separated into planes or dimensions (depending to the density of energy), where each of man’s energy bodies exists (in its corresponding plane).

The highest and most delicate energy-plane (with the lowest energy-density) is where the soul is located and from that place, it is projected onto the flat brane or membrane of our visible world, as the holographic material human being.

As this brane is curved in relation to time, the projection of the soul is imprinted, (or reflected) onto every frame of the spacetime film, thus forming all incarnations of that particular soul.


We must now return to the quantum viewpoint on the subject, to obtain deeper answers on the mystery of time, using the concept of “RETRO-CAUSALITY”.

Retro-causality is a term in quantum physics, used to describe the interaction between the past and the future.

We need to clarify here that there is no direct communication between past and present.

However, a decision made in the present can directly affect the past, just as well as it may affect the future.

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This also provides justification to the followers of Christianity, who believe that our current incarnation is the only one, and it is according to this incarnation alone that our soul will be judged. At the same time, however, eastern religion followers who believe in multiple incarnations are right as well – as both beliefs are true.

As I write in my book, everyone has a “percentage of rightfulness”.


Let us now examine the role of Karma in all of this.

Karma, namely the law of reciprocal justice, is instantly applied with our every action (deed), as future, present and past, all exist within the same moment in time.

On the other hand, we still possess the ability, with the decisions we make in this life, to affect our past incarnations (which also unfold in the present moment), as well as the future ones.

Because everything that was in the past and everything that will be in the future, is already in the present! Only our consciousness makes this separation and gives us the feeling of historical sequence and the passing of time [Fred Hoyle].

It is true, what I have many times said, that if we were to ride a time machine, we would be able to visit ourselves in a future or a past incarnation.


More answers and further analyses in the book:
Can you stand the Truth?
The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment


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