Ways to remember your dreams

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Ways to remember your dreams

1. Before going to bed at night, tell your subconscious the problem you want to work on. If you have realized that you have a teacher, a guardian angel or a supernatural force that protects you, ask them to help you find an answer.

2. Develop the habit of writing something down every day, the moment you wake up. All new habits take about 21 days to develop, so get used to writing something down for 21 days. Even if you do not remember your dreams, write something down as soon as you wake up.

Remember that emotions are just as important to the interpretation of dreams as the images and words are. In reality, they reveal a big part of the dream. The ideal is to wake up, knowing the interpretation of the dream.

But if none of this is happening to you, then write something down, even as simple as, “I do not remember any of my dreams today.” What you write is not as important as the very act of writing, because you are training your subconscious to give you something to write.

3. Always have a pencil and a notebook or whatever else makes it easy for you (e.g. a voice recorder) next to your bed. Especially when you begin to develop the method of remembering your dreams, you need to record them as soon as you wake up. Dreams slip away fast from our memory, often within seconds after we wake up.

4. Train yourself to wake up before the alarm. The shock from its sound or the music and the speech from the radio can become the reason you forgot what you were dreaming about when you woke up. By giving yourself the order to wake up at a certain time, you make your subconscious wake you up a few minutes before the alarm.

5. Try to remember your dreams after a nap – set an alarm clock 20 or 30 minutes after you lie down. Although this seems to contradict the previous ones, each person is different. Some of these techniques may not apply to everyone.

6. Give the order to your memory to restore the memories of your dreams as soon as you wake up. This also is an exercise. You have to do it a lot before you master it. Think of your memory as a muscle that needs to be exercised to build up strength. It really happens during the night if you repeat it systematically.

7. If the above techniques do not “work on you”, try the reversed psychology. Give yourself the instruction to not remember any dream. Sometimes the subconscious is “twisted” and refuses to do what you say. So tell it not to do what you really want it to do.

8. Read something spiritual before you fall asleep. This may help in the emergence of some references of the subconscious plane, about your everyday life that may fill your dream messages and may help you handle them.

9. Before going to sleep, hum a sacred word to awaken your readiness, such as: Amen, Om, Mana, Hou. The same can be applied to the previous technique no. 8.

10. If you finally remember a feeling but you have no other memory of the dream, try to imagine a situation that could create this kind of feeling. In this case, try to find the traces of memory of your dream. Something you imagine can bring back a part of the dream.

11. Try to imagine a pleasant or ordinary expression for a variety of emotions and experiences. By imagining how you can visualize these expressions, you can capture a remembrance of a past dream.

It is certain that if someone, who usually forgets his dreams, actually embraces one of these techniques, he will succeed in living the other part of his existence, that is so rich in information and so mysterious.

However, no dream can be answered through a single key/means of interpretation.

Every dream has always a unique mental orderliness.


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