9 Advances that will make us superhumans (namely machines) until 2030

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9 Advances that will make us superhumans (namely machines) until 2030When I found the article that follows, some thoughts came to my mind, and I want to share them with you!

“Fate is inescapable” the ancients said… and they were right!

When Phillip Corso came in contact with Rosswell’s beings for the first time, he thought these beings were biorobots! … But unfortunately, they were the time travelers- men of the future!

With absolute mathematical precision, our current choices lead us to the future generation that we finally came to be …

Let’s see, however, what these miserable beings of the future who are our future selves have said …

“We are here in your present presence asking for help’. He confirmed that we now (as humans of today, in the current phase of the evolution of our species) possess a unique combination of spirit and matter, allowing us to come into contact with the Source of Genesis from whence life on earth springs. This is the purpose of our race’s contact with you. We come here from the future to correct the mistakes that have made us the human species we have become!”

But these mistakes, not only cannot be corrected, but the course towards their fulfillment is accelerating.

Through his desire to acquire more and more skills, man will constantly incorporate into his body the technological tools that will give him additional capabilities, increasingly distancing himself from his nature.

This will be an inevitable consequence, corresponding to the benefits of new technology. Thus, the connection between man and machine will grow tighter until man will no longer be a natural being, and will be transformed into a bionic construct.

In the course that we have been following as human beings all these centuries of our existence, we have neither learned to control our impulses nor our lower nature.

As things stand, we are preparing to swallow the biggest bait for the sake of our selfishness and prosperity.

The unification of our human nature with the machine will not only distance us from our nature, but also from the spiritual source of our creation. This path will have no return!

Angeliki Anagnostou

The article follows:

9 Ways we’ll be superhuman by 2030


You’re only human, right? Perhaps not for long. advances in biology, wearable technology and pharmaceuticals could give us superhero-style abilities, according to Rohit Talwar, futurist and CEO of fast future. Here are some of the cooler powers we can hope for by 2030.


‘In the next 10-15 years, we could be able to perform instant content updates to the human brain,’ says Talwar. this could be uploading a new language, a map or key info before a meeting or date. Of course, this would require our brains to be connected to some pretty serious Wi-Fi, which might raise security concerns, so for confidential information, expect plug-in memory devices.


‘Subcutaneous implants would detect pathogens in the immediate environment and provide antibodies to protect us from specific contagious diseases,’ says talwar. This could have numerous benefits. coughs and sneezes would no longer spread diseases, the impending global antibiotic crisis would be averted and handwashing would become a redundant activity.


‘we could fly as close to the sun as we like with customized 3d printed wings, which are perfectly designed to bring aerodynamic freedom and flight,’ says Talwar. Powerful and lightweight, these wings could be attached and removed on demand by robot surgeons. take that, Icarus.


‘Gene therapy has cured color blindness in monkeys,’ says Talwar. ‘Eventually, science may expand our color vision to include all wavelengths, from gamma rays to ultraviolet to radio waves.’ It raises the prospect of night and, dare we say it, x-ray vision.


‘Physical and genetic enhancements applied to your bones and muscles would improve your body mass index and performance,’ says Talwar. Reinforced bones would be harder to break. Best of all, most of this could be achieved with minimal commitment to diet and exercise. Who said there was no gain without pain?


‘Advances in pharmaceuticals and neuroscience could lead to a breakthrough drug designed to experience a higher state of consciousness,’ says Talwar. It could be recreational or therapeutic. ‘This could be perfect for coping with mid-life crises, anxiety disorders or recovering from addiction,’ adds Talwar.


Not feeling so enlightened? why not make yourself beautiful instead? talwar says recent breakthroughs with the CRISPR gene editing technique could be applied to cosmetic augmentation. ‘High street centers could provide services to change clients’ hair thickness, eye color and skin pigmentation,’ Talwar says.


‘Through deep brain stimulation, humans may eventually have total control of how much physical sensations affect them,’ says Talwar. You could dial down your touch sensitivity before or during pain, but dial up experiences during intimate moments or during a particularly exciting part of a film or game.


‘As humans age, we naturally lose the ability to hear higher frequencies. in the future, we may be able to reverse this,’ says Talwar. Aural implants directly connected to our brains could eventually enhancing human hearing beyond the normal range.


In the following video, the acclaimed theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku, believes that the people of the future will decide to modify themselves and merge with the machines.

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