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Before I begin this article I must clarify that man is being held prisoner in a holographic Matrix, that was created by the dualistic power of the fallen god / creator, Lucifer. This Matrix IS the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in which the snake / Lucifer reigns. His fission to Λ (Logos=fraction, division, separation) suggests that both legs of Λ (positive and negative) are under his control.

The dramatic thing is that humans cannot understand that both sides belong to the same coin, since the forbidden fruit man tasted IS DUALISTIC.

“Light and darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers and sisters. They are inseparable. It is not possible to separate one from the other. Therefore good is not good, evil is not evil, life is not life, death is not death.”  GOSPEL OF PHILIP


”Good and evil are twins, the progeny (descendants) of space and Time, under the sway Maya(=Deceit). Separate them by cutting off one from the other, and they will both die. Neither exists per se (autonomously), since each has to be generated and created out of the other, in order to come into being.” BLAVATSY H., P.,”THE SECRET DOCTRINE”(II-96)

Most religion researchers are aware of the existence of 2 categories of gods: The Gods of the Hyper-Cosmos or the ‘Hyper-cosmic’ gods as Salustius calls them in his work “On the gods and the world” and the lesser gods, the ‘cosmic’ gods, the creators of our world (Matrix).

The ‘Hyper-cosmic’ gods, are sovereign entities of the Real Worlds of Truth. They are the entities that live “outside Plato’s cave” and are not involved with the dualistic (+) & (-) energy planes of our world.

“Among the gods some are of the world, ’cosmic’, and some above the world, ‘hyper-cosmic’. By the term ‘cosmic’ I am referring to the Gods who create the Cosmos… Among the ‘cosmic’ Gods one team creates the harmony between the opposites that comprise it, and yet others supervise it, for the preservation of the once achieved harmony.” SALLUSTIUS (OR SALLUST) OR SATURNINUS SECUNDUS SALLUSTIUS (GAUL 300 A.D.)

These ‘cosmic’ gods according to the Hindus, are the gods of Samsara and they are the creators of the material world, the creators of the Matrix, where they entrapped Man and made him hostage, slave to the never-ending karma.

In the epic of creation  of the Assyrian-Babylonians, Marduk (a ‘cosmic’ god) reveals that he created the species of Men to exploit them.

“When Marduk hears the words of the gods, his heart promts him to create skillful works. He opens his mouth and turns to Ea to reveal to him the plan he had captured in his heart: “I shall gather blood and make bones. I will make a savage one. Man will be his name. I will create a truly savage man. He will undertake the service of the gods, so that they might be comfortable.” ENUMA ELIS (EPIC OF CREATION  Tablet 6H)

Also Plato in his work “Critias” elucidates the role of (the ‘cosmic’) gods creators:

“At some time in the past , the gods had the whole earth distributed among them by allotment. There was no quarrelling; for you cannot rightly suppose that the gods did not know what was proper for each of them to have, or, knowing this, that they would seek to procure for themselves by contention that which more properly belonged to others. So all of them by just apportionment obtained what they wanted, and peopled their own districts and when they had peopled them they tended us, their nurslings and possessions as shepherds tend their flocks.(109C)…Now others of the gods had their allotments in different regions which they ornamented.” Platos’s ‘Critias’(109b)

This is how the races of the peoples were created, where each race with its own attributes worshipped its own creator gods. Even in the Old Testament while Jehovah judges the gods of Egypt, he indirectly proclaims their existence.

“For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will strike down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am the Lord.” OLD TESTAMENT EXODUS Ch. 12

This is the category of the ‘cosmic’ creator gods that the god of the Old Testament belongs to, where in six days he created the world/Matrix to entrap the souls of men within it, and this also is the category of the twelve gods of ancient Greece. Hesiod’s Theogony and Greek mythology in general describe how the virtual world/Matrix was created by this group of gods.

Plato in his description of the cave   -in his work “Politeia”- compares this group of creator gods with the “light” of the fire that shines behind the backs of the prisoners and that it is the reason for the generation of the shadows and the projected illusion that the imprisoned men see on the cave’s wall.

spileo 6

This “light” of the fire, is different from the True Light that lies outside of the cave (Plato’s cave) where the ‘cosmic’ gods are. The Christ clearly differentiates That Light and calls it : “True Light”.

spileo to fws 2

…Of course the ‘hostage worships his kidnappers’ syndrome can be found amongst most people…

According to the Vedas, the ‘cosmic’ gods are called gods of Samsara and are considered “immortals”, but only until their good Karma is depleted. They even explain that they live only until the end of Kalpa (=a cosmic circle) because after that they fade away.

Hindu tradition points out the six worlds of Samsara that are under the rule of Karma, the god of death Yama…Lucifer:


1)  The kingdom of the gods of Samsara


The gods of Samsara

In Sanskrit they are called Deva-gati, and in the Japanese language Tendo. These gods belong to the realm of the celestial beings that give pleasure and they possess divine powers. Most of them live in sublime happiness for countless centuries. But because even they belong to the world of pain – the world of Samsara- their powers blind them and fill them with pride and arrogance and so even these gods grow old and die. Some say that because their pleasure is too much, their misery becomes even so.

2)  The kingdom of the titans or demons


In Sanskrit it is called Asura-gati and in the Japanese language Ashurado. It is the kingdom of war, of anger and perpetual jealousy. The Asura (Ashura) are demons, half blessed beings. They are powerful, cruel and irritating. Like humans they are part good and part evil (hence the good or evil demons).

3) The kingdom of men


In Sanskrit it is called Manushya-gati and in the Japanese language Nindo. It is inhabited by beings inclined to either good or evil. In this realm the five basic passions rule (arrogance, envy, ignorance, desire, hatred) with arrogance and desire having the lead. Enlightment is within their capabilities but most of them are blinded and get consumed, by their desires.

4) The kingdom of the animals


In Sanskrit it is called Tiryagyoni-gati and in the Japanese language Chikushodo. It’s attributes are ignorance ,fear ,insecurity and fealty.

5) The kingdom of Hungry Ghosts


In Sanskrit it is called Preta-gati and in the Japanese language Gakido. The kingdom of ghosts features great craving and an eternal hunger of flesh desires. It basically includes all spirits of men attached to earth that fall “in love” with the materialistic pleasures and cannot detach themselves from them.

6) The kingdom of the beings of hell

Naraka 06

In Sanskrit it is called Naraka-gati and in the Japanese language Jigokudo. It is the lowest and the worst kingdom where there is torture that is characterized by aggressiveness and violence. There hatred and unbearable pain rule.

As time passes by and the ‘cosmic’ gods of Samsara diminish –as their good karma runs out- gradually losing their immortality and glory, the same thing happens to the demons or titans that also gradually diminish, from “good/kind” to dark demons and eventually to beings of hell.

But, this is an unavoidable gradual degradation from gods to good demons; from good demons to evil demons; and at the end to beings of abominable hell.

This happens because both of these two categories (gods and titans/demons) are constantly fed with human energy, that as it passes through the septic (dense) matter, it degrades, creating a new kind of entities, the category of the “living” skeptomorphs.

These skeptomorphs, as energy beings, are gathered in the energy planes/spaces, where the positive (gods) and the negative (demons) parts of the creators used to be, and they are placed according to their level.

Like the oysters that stick around a shipwreck, they spread to both parts of the creators and provide them with poisoned “food”.  From this cohabitation everyone gets infected and downgraded as the dualistic chart of “progress” always points downwards.

With the passing of the material eternity, the astral skeptomorphic power – the living energy born from the thoughts of men-  began to prevail in the material universe, as it was constantly growing (multiplied) by the thoughts of humans.

In contrast the primordial (dualistic) power of the gods creators, remained unchanged, a fact that was constantly disturbing the balance between them.

Because of that more and more parts of the creators hierarchy, was assimilated by the skeptomorphic dynasty, that was replicating the attributes and characteristics of the gods and was controlling the Archetype of Life more and more for its own affairs.

Today many wonder about the increasing corruption of our world, about the annulment of respect and the ethical values, about the disestablishment of ethics, about the increasing impoverishment without being able to find a logical answer for all this decadence.

The answer lies in front of us, but it is painful to accept. The reason is clear: THE DEATH OF THE GODS AND THE ASCENDANCE OF THE ASTRAL DYNASTY.

gods _2

According to the Hindu’s we are at the end of Kali-Yuga, a great period and at the end of Maha-Kalpa (=Great circle).

Every Maha-Yuga (=4.320.000 mortal years) consists of four Yuga periods, with their in between Pralagia (=periods of dissolution).


1st is Krita-Yuga or Satya-Yuga (=1.728.000 mortal years)  equals an optimum period of total purity.

[The origin of the Sanskrit word “Sta” means “True”. That is where the word Satya= Truth originates from. And this word alludes to the Latin expression “aetas satyrn”  that refers to the “Saturn era” according to Rudolf Steiner, as it relates to the Golden Age.]

2nd is Treta-Yuga(=1.266.000 mortal years)

3rd is Dvapara-Yuga(=864.000 mortal years)

4th is Kali-Yuga (=432.000 mortal years) that corresponds to a very dark period.

Humankind is living in the last days of the 4th and final period of Kali-Yuga; and as it happens at the end of every Kalpa, the gods of Samsara have lost their immortality, their good karma is exhausted and they are sunk into unfathomable misery, in direct contrast to the happiness they once experienced.

On the contrary the dark forces have quadrupled and are hunting down the ex-gods.  The old gods are now under persecution.


“The cycle of creation of the lives of Cosmos is run down (coming to end end), because the energy of the manifested ‘Word’ (Logos) has its growth, culmination, and decrease (oscillation), as have all things temporary, however long their duration…

When the Maha Pralaya arrives, (the definitive/absolute end) the inhabitants of Swarloka* (the upper sphere) disturbed by the conflagration (in this case the negative astral forces), seek refuge with the Pitris, their progenitors, the Manus, the seven Rishis, the various orders of celestial Spirits and the Gods, in Maharloka**.

When the fire reaches there also, the whole of the above enumerated beings migrate in their turn from Maharloka, and return to Janaloka***.” BLAVATSY H., P.,”THE SECRET DOCTRINE”


*Swarloka:  Considered to be the higher sphere, where they say that there is a heaven that  lies on the mountain Meru –the Hindu Olympus- the residence of Brahma and of Visnu. It is devoured by the fire o Pralagia (=demise), at the end of the Kalpa.


**Maharloka: Also known as “Mahar Loka”. Maharloka (Sanskrit) [originates from the word “Mah” that means great, it also means pleasure + “Loka” =Cosmos]. The great world. The fourth of the seven lokas. Maharloka is the residence of certain Pitri, assigned by the Manu, and of the seven Rishi, and also of some celestial spirits and gods. The sphere of influence of Maharloka can be expanded to the outer limits of our solar system. This sphere also is devoured by the fire of Pralagia (demise) at the end of the Kalpa.

***Janaloka: Considered to be the heaven of the saints and extends beyond the solar system. Janaloka is unaffected by the fire of Pralagia (demise) that devours at the end of the Kalpa. There the saints of Samsara are squeezed hunted at the end of the Kalpa.

The end of_Kali_Yuga

The end of Kali Yuga

The Hindu philosopher Ananda K. Coomaraswamy in his work “The dance of Shiva” writes:

“Shiva suddenly rises in ecstasy and begins to dance. His dance sends pulsing waves that penetrate inert matter. Matter starts to dance to the beat of the god. With his dance Shiva evokes all the natural and material phenomena. At the end of time he continues to dance but this time the dance of the god destroys all forms with fire and gives matter the chance to rest.”

Unfortunately this is the natural “evolution” of things…when the gods are joined with the human skeptomorphs they turn into monsters.

The Hollywood film “Prometheus”, portrays exceptionally this symbolism, when the god/creator, is devoured by a monster born of man (the human skeptomorph).



After this “meal” and after the monster devours the god, it is transformed to a real menace.

This is a more realistic and less poetic way to express the Hindu “fire” that devours everything.

Aeschylus in his work “Prometheus Bound” (verse 907-910), compares this destructive unification of the gods with the human born skeptomorphs, to marriage; for even the mighty Zeus -as a ‘cosmic’ god of Samsara-  is going to fall.

“And yet, with all his mind’s vanity, Zeus, will at one time become humble while he prepares for marriage, that will knock him down from his unseen throne.”

So here we are today, in front of the death of the gods, their devouringness by the skeptomorphic dynasty and by this unification the birth of horrendous monsters. Of course the imitation (simulation) of the gods attributes by the skeptomorphic dynasty, confuses people and sometimes they believe that they worship a god but in reality they worship an astral demonic force.

Let’s see the original characteristics of the gods and let’s compare them with those of the astral dynasty.



They defend the ethnicities (races) that they created. They ignore the ethnicities that the gods created , they destroy the borders, and suppress ethnic trends.
They defend (preserve) the hierarchy that separates them from their negative doubles (gods&demons) They dissolve hierarchy , creating a false “equality”
They defend the hegemonic regimes  and monarchy (kingship), because the first kings (blue bloods) were placed by the gods themselves. They disband hegemonic regimes. Kingship as an institution declines and the royal blood is no longer guarded.
They are worshippers of rituals They cancel rituals, ethics and traditions of the peoples.
They defend the languages they themselves taught to their people. They degrade and degenerate peoples languages  establishing one language for all.
They encourage religious worship since they established the religions and are in need of worship. They demolish the religions.

All these are supported in the world of shape and form by the two basic political trends: right wing parties felicitate religious sentiment and patriotism and are (unconsciously) supported by the disciples of the gods/creators, while the left wing parties have a tendency towards atheism and lack of nationalism and are (unconsciously) supported by the followers of the astral forces.

The movement of globalization that is now being established, undoubtedly, is controlled by dark astral/skeptomorphic powers. If the gods were in control, the values would be preserved, the nationalities wouldn’t be attacked, the history of each nation wouldn’t be perverted and the religious spirit of the people would be alive and well, like in ancient Greece when the civilization of the gods was at its prime building Parthenons…

However, while globalization seems to be a creation of the astral dynasty, its starting point originates from the highest centers of Masonry! This is a big contradiction since Masonry worships the great god/creator and architect of the Matrix; and as it very well knows and bows to, that god is Lucifer.

This happens because all the brotherhoods of this kind –most members have no idea- are now under the control of the dark astral force that imitates/simulates the gods attributes.

The same is also happening to all pagan ancient religions.

Thereby while the believers of the old religions worship the ‘cosmic’ gods of Samsara and hope for a better tomorrow, the facts lead to the destruction of all the values that the old gods defended, because in reality, dark forces are in control of the world.


The death of the Gods

This results to incredibly satanic/evil works that are executed against men, and most of them stay hidden but the ones that can be seen look irrational.

What this satanic dynasty seeks is for humans to express feelings of violence, pain, despair, vulgarity, degeneration, lust and other closely associated situations that are stimulated in various ways, while behind “respectable” people hides the satanic dynasty.

One of their worst ways, is that they record with computers the brain frequencies of terrible torture and then they broadcast them through TV’s (the reason for the digital signal) or radios or they record them behind musical pieces or movie soundtracks in ELF (extremely low frequency).

These frequencies affect people, increasing crime and vulgarity, which feed these dark forces.

So if humans let themselves follow these masked (to gods) satanic entities, they will be led to annihilation for sure.

Against the flow, they should be aware of what is happening on the planet today, they should resist the degenerative messages and stop following their passions and lower desires, but mostly they should stop following the ancient gods and their hierarchy, because they will lead them to perdition as they themselves are heading towards.

Christ, a Hyper-cosmic Entity is the only one that saves and opens the way of salvation for every Soul from this Matrix.

But, a lot of people today are deceived about the reality of Christ, because in a very clever way, the servant of the cosmic god Yahweh, Paul, incorporated the Hyper-cosmic Christ to the power of Yahweh, firstly so that  Yahweh   benefits from Christ’s Greatness and secondly so that he perverts/twists His Truth.

“Behold, God will receive your sacrifice from the hands of a priest who is the minister of error.” GOPSEL OF JUDAS

And the one implied here is none other than the Pharisee Paul!

can you stand the truth?

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